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Recording Studio

Duvateen Sound offers studio and on location recording services. Our comfortable studio offers a great environment for song writers and full bands to come in and record their upcoming project. Bring in the whole band, or pick from our roster of top notch session musicians to get the sound you are looking for.


Call us at 415-424-2741 or email to set up a time to come in and chat about your project. We can sit down and get into the details of what you are looking to achieve. There are many ways to approach a recording project, and we can discuss the options and pick a plan.


— EVE D., San Francisco

As an Acoustic Indie Artist, crisp clear production and balance between instrument and vocals is an ABSOLUTE! 
Duvateen Sound is a unique and rare gem when it comes to recording quality, production and cost in the Bay Area. Gavin  has talent, patience and understanding that helps to make your project smooth and successful from beginning to end. 

Audio Samples


Lodging Info

Duvateen Sound is a recording destination! With a guest house on the property, you and your band mates will have plenty of space to set up shop for the tracking days. A simple flat rate for block out days includes room and board. The Duvateen property is located 2 miles from Clearlake, and a short walk to downtown Kelseyville.        

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